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SlotsMillion takes its online casino operation mobile

If there was one device that has changed the way people gamble it is the iPhone. This handheld device may not seem like much on first glance, but in reality it’s a piece of technology that carries untold power. Taking advantage of everything that the phone has to offer, it seems that the mobile casino industry has found it to be the perfect host for their wares. Not only that, when you throw the iPad in the mix, you can see why iOS is a happy hunting ground for online casino companies. SlotsMillion rank as one the fastest up and coming in the entire industry. Through a unique prize set-up, players seem to love all that this new provider has to offer. Having established themselves in the web domain, it now looks like SlotsMillion is going mobile.

Understanding the importance of the mobile market, SlotsMillion firmly believes that is has an operation that will adapt well to the iOS operating system. Meeting users halfway, providing the Slotsmillion experience on a small screen scale, it is an impressive operation to say the very least. Those who choose to take the SlotsMillion experience on the move can have access to over 300 games from the likes of NYX, NetEnt, Play’n Go and Microgaming. If you are an Apple device user rejoice, as the SlotsMillion mobile casino is on the way and it is set to change the game.

Just a Tap Away

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the mobile casino market and online casino market are both fairly crowded these days. Given the market’s crowded nature, it is only the truly special operators that survive over the long haul. SlotsMillion is without question a special online casino operator. Through the new mobil casino players will have the very best slots, roulette, baccarat, and blackjack at their fingertips. In total there are over 300 different game variations at hand that can put players luck and skill to the test. The initial 300 is also just considered to be the start, as hundreds more games are set to rolled out on the app over the next 12 months.

Perks of Use

As the Slotsmillion mobile casino is all set to launch, it looks like there are plenty of perks to it. Anyone who chooses to play through the new SlotsMillion platform can expect to receive a truly high quality casino experience. Multi-language support is offered, meaning that it is viable for use all around Europe. On top of this customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Promotional Incentives

If all the above hasn’t already convinced you to try the new SlotsMillion on for size, this certainly will. New promotions are popping up everywhere, one better than the other. The one I would personally recommend, is the bonus that you can get on this casino online @ Players that sign up from there will recieve a first deposit bonus of 100% up to €100 along with 100 free spins on various Net Entertainment games.

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Online video poker strategy for beginners

Video poker is one of those games that has been around for a while, yet has skated under most player’s radars. The reason for this is largely because video poker is seen to be pretty dated in the eyes of many. The original reason for the conception of video poker was to add a new digital edge to casino gaming, but now that the entire industry is digitised the game doesn’t seem quite as special. But while it may not be the flashiest of casino online games, it shouldn’t be discounted out of hand immediately. The online casino version of video poker is still a game that has some appealing credentials. Should you approach video poker the right way it can make for a highly profitable experience. If online casino video poker has caught your eye, kick things off right with the following tips.

Pick the Right Game

Online casino play has helped change the way people view video poker as a game. This has come about through the introduction of several different versions of the game. No longer limited to just the single “standard” version of the game; developers have worked hard to create increasingly diversified variations of the game. Joker Poker and Double Attack among others are now promoted at online casinos such as Mr Green, 888, LeoVegas, and 32Red. What you must consider is that all variations of the games come with different rules and payout reports. Before you commit to a game over the long-term, try to get a feel for it first and create an individually specific playing strategy.

Find a Suitable Casino Online

One of the most important things when it comes to gaming in general is to play at a secure and well build casino. When it comes to finding the right operator to play at, we suggest that you take help from a casino portal. Look for an online casino with mrcasinon, which is a website that helps casino players getting the most out of their gaming experience, whether it be finding a good casino to play at, information and strategies for various casino games or finding the best casino bonuses available.

Max Out When You Can

Generally speaking, when it comes to online casino video poker payouts what is listed relates to what you can receive should you put in the maximum wager. It often isn’t made clear that should you not pay-in the max amount what is available for you to win is significantly reduced. This is why it should be a rule of thumb to always bet max coins whenever you can, even if this does mean reducing the amount you can play. Simply put, when you want access to the biggest online casino video poker prizes you best be prepared to hit the ‘Max’ button before wagering.

Manage Your Money

Online casino video poker games can be over in a matter of minutes, which means money can move around extremely quickly. Given this fast paced nature, players need to make sure that they manage their bankroll appropriately. Stringent control is necessary should you want to maximise your winnings and minimise your losses. Understanding how to manage your money is absolutely crucial should you want to achieve consistent online casino video poker success. You can find plenty of guides on bankroll management and responsible gaming over at As an important rule, you should only ever play with pre-assigned bankroll and make sure that remains the case. Topping up your online casino bankroll with additional funds while in play is a notoriously slippery slope and one that is hard to come back from. Players should always manage their money appropriately and you will be no exception to that rule.

Do It Right

Casino online play presents plenty of different game options to players, with video poker sadly being pushed into the background in recent years. However, it seems through 2015 the online casino game made a comeback, with it now growing in popularity. Video poker and all its bells and whistles is now a gambling format worth considering, especially if you play it the right way.

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